Leather & Pine Warehouse

Has your home's furniture seen better days? Is it looking old, tired and a bit tattered? Furniture can help to define the look and feel of your home, and it is important to have furniture that is pleasing to the eye and looks great within its surroundings, as well as being functional. Replace that old furniture with some brand new furniture from The Leather and Pine Warehouse in Ton Pentre. Come along and visit our showroom today, and have a look at our range of products.

One of the challenges you may have when shopping for furniture is to find a sofa that is just the right size for your living room. You probably want a sofa that doesn't take up too much space and which fits nicely into your living room, but equally one that isn't too small. That's where The Leather and Pine Warehouse can help. We can build a made to measure sofa to your specifications, meaning that you can be confident that it meets your requirements in terms of its size.