Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins

Since its origin in the late 19th century, the family-run firm of 'Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins' has grown from a one-man operation into Wales'leading furniture retailer.

It was back in 1890 when Thomas Jenkins, following a serious accident at the local colliery, made the decision to start his own business. Selling oil, carpets & other wares, his horse-drawn wagon became a familiar sight around the areas in the west of Swansea & the business was soon a household name. He continued running the business until the end of the First World War & when his eldest son returned from war service, he retired - although he still continued to play an active part in the business until his death in 1937.

The eldest son who took over the business was Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins - whose name the firm still bears today. While continuing to develop the existing business, in 1933 Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins also opened a furniture showroom in Carlton Buildings, Oxford Street, Swansea.