Whartons Of Leamington Spa

From the earliest days of trading, operations revolved around maintaining the careful balance between cost and quality, providing exceptional value for money and combining ease of delivery to the customer. It worked for us. The pine furniture bandwagon was getting bigger and bigger, and with the influx of cheaper pine goods (both in build quality and price) from abroad, the market became oversupplied and we were seeing the same furniture on every high street. From our early beginnings and passion for antiques, the use of hardwoods in furniture was no stranger to us and we knew what we wanted in terms of timber quality.

Ironically, so did our customers. Here's where we focus, on buying from smaller UK manufacturers wherever we can, who are prepared to create furniture that has the look and feel that separates Whartons from the crowd. And because we are not a huge conglomerate, we can do what we like. And we do just that!