Peach The Chair Shop

Founded in 1958 as a family business, we have developed a reputation for excellent service and a depth of seating-comfort knowledge that just can't be surpassed. Over the years we've got to know what makes a good chair and have worked closely with designers and upholsterers to supply what you will find to be the largest range of chairs in the North East. Have you noticed how most chair seats are either too deep (so you have to add extra cushions) or too low (so that you struggle to get out of them).

That's because most chairs are designed only for how they look, not for how they feel. At Peach we'll make sure that your chair gives you good support whether you're sitting up or reclining. Finding a chair that is truly comfortable depends on so many things - how well it fits you, what you want to do when you're in it, how it's made and what it does - the list is long! At Peach, we go the extra mile to help you find the chair that will feel good and do you good as well.