About the Business

PAADA stands for Petworth Art and Antique Dealers Association but has expanded to include decorative antiques and interior designers and is also known as Petworth Antique and Decorative Arts Association.

PAADA is an associate member of lapada (London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association), Britain's largest art and trade association.
PAADA represents a great many of the antique shops, centres, dealers and interior designers in Petworth, which is a thriving antique centre in South England.

Our members offer antiques in Petworth for sale and interior design services. Antique dealers include 17th, 18th and 19th Century English & Continental antique country decorative antiques, mirrors, clocks, barometers and other scientific instruments. Also antique pictures, modern paintings and prints and engravings and Chinese furniture and wall coverings.

Location & Hours

East Street

Petworth, GU28 0AB
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