Greengate Furniture

At Greengate, our raison d'être is to provide quality, bespoke upholstery to the discerning upper segment of the market. We work primarily with interior designers, a few retailers and export clients. Normally our work is based around a client's project, but we're just as happy to supply a single chair to the customer that has always promised herself a quality item and is finally going to realise that dream!

We construct our furniture using a blend of traditional and modern methods. Frames are made from seasoned beech and ash, laminates and solid mahogany, oak, iroko, wenge or hickory for legs and other show-wood areas. We often produce custom finishes to match other pieces, or special finishes such as gilding, liming and painting can also be undertaken to order.

Since we are not producing for the mass market, your choices are almost unlimited in terms of fabrics, leathers, finishes and dimensions. The only limit is your imagination, and yes, sometimes the budget too!