FW Homestores

We think with our showrooms & our online business we offer the best of both worlds, with 5 superstores established for over 20 years we have a loyal customer base & do not spend the vast amounts of money on advertising that internet only retailers have to do. Low prices for quality furniture and service is what FW Homestores has been built on, this means that stylish, comfortable, quality furniture is available to everyone. We always strive to make things better, more efficient & as cost effective as possible.

Low price however does not mean cheap. Because we globally source all of our products, buy direct and have no middle men we have created efficiencies which mean we can offer such low prices to our customers without compromising on quality. Our 3 huge stock warehouses in the UK allow us to buy in bulk & always secure the best prices. We work with many different designers & only choose what we feel are the freshest & most on trend products. Quality & functionality are top of our list.